Monday, June 22, 2009

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Update: Thanks to someone's gracious help, the design is translated to say "I am Neda" or "من ندا هستم" in Persian.
i am neda

Iran doctor tells of Neda's death
But later he saw protesters grab an armed man on a motorcycle. "People shouted 'we got him, we got him'. They disarmed him and took out his identity card which showed he was a Basij member. ...more

It’s not a Twitter revolution in Iran
The mass movement that sprang forth in the past few weeks has been 30 years in coming. It’s not a Twitter Revolution....more

the videos

The following video is much more graphic and may disturb you. Click to view.

free downloads

Download a PDF of the "aim for the heart" design. It's a file that is optimized for printing. Do with it what you wish.

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Ideas for using the design
If you don't wish to buy a tshirt from this shop, please consider creating your own with an iron on transfer.
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Consider printing it on paper and taping it to your own shirt to wear.

Use or post the design on your own website, Facebook, FlickR, Twitter pages, etc. to help spread Neda's message. (not required, but please link to

i am neda

Creative Commons License
i am neda, 'aim for the heart of freedom' by is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike 3.0 United States License. (You may use this design in whatever way you want so long as you aren't profiting commercially)

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about neda

Neda Agha-Soltan was an Iranian woman whose killing, during the 2009 Iranian election protests, was captured on video by bystanders. The graphic videos were posted on the Internet, and her name quickly became a rallying cry for the opposition. Neda means "voice" or "calling" in Persian, and she has been referred to as the "voice of Iran" and "a symbol of pro-democracy protesters battering the Islamic regime" in the world.

For more about Neda, visit her wikipedia page.

who made this?

I am an American. I object to the assassination of a young woman who dies in a peaceful protest, far from the confrontations.

I am far too uninformed and ignorant of local customs to weigh in on the political system of Iran and the apparent uprising going on there, so I won’t. I am, however, well schooled in humanity and I cry out that the murder of innocents is wrong. I created this design to remind us that wearing a target on your heart is no more a bold statement than openly opposing your government, no matter what country you live in.

Gunmen who aim to strike fear will only embolden those you direct fire at and prove to the world the inhumanity of you and those who condone and celebrate such an act of cowardice.

A note regarding the sale of shirts:
I do not seek to profit from this. I make these shirts available at the lowest prices I can for those who wish to remember Neda this way. The design is made available as a free PDF download so that you can make your own. This website is solely an enterprise of the heart. I am disgusted by the high price-markup at some "tshirt shops" that attempt to exploit and capitalize on this tragedy.

To be clear and transparent:
My official distributor of tshirts, Zazzle, has a minimum 10% commission built into their business structure. To date, tshirt sales have covered 2/3rds the cost of my money I spent on the purchase of 3 domain names. Tshirt sales have slowed down and I don't anticipate breaking even, which is fine- but should a profit be made, I will instruct Zazzle to hold any profits while I investigate worthy causes that agree with Neda's life. Suggestions are welcome via Email. I'd like to gather the opinions of those who knew Neda personally.

Please leave a comment or email if you are making shirts with the design or already wearing it. Let me know if photos of shirts being worn are bouncing around anywhere.